Cruiser Phil’s

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Looking for Adventure?

Cruiser Phil’s is the way to go if you are looking for an adventure, and also a fun way to visit Haleakala for a sunrise and bike ride. They have five tours to choose from: a Sunrise Tour and a Morning Tour which include van pick up and drop off at your hotel. Two of their tours are by van only for those who aren’t interested in going the biking down Haleakala part! And finally – something new – they now do a structured Independent Tour where you meet their guides in Paia who take you by van to the summit of Haleakala, and then you make your own way by bike back down to Paia Town! Definitely for the adventurous at heart. The summit of the volcano is about 10,000 ft. above sea level, so you get a really spectacular view of the sunrise.

More info please!

Cruiser Phil’s provides you with winter jackets, gloves and windbreakers for the trip (it’s pretty cold pre-dawn at the summit of Haleakala), and – of course – your bicycle and a safety helmet. Coffee and snacks are provided at the base yard prior to your tour, and a stop in Kula or Paia Town for refreshments.  The guides in the national park provide a lot of info regarding the crater as well as weather conditions, and the van driver follows the biking crew protecting them from other vehicles descending the mountain, so you are really safe at all times. Give them a call to make a booking or get more info at 808-893-2332, or check them out online at

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