Friendly Charters – Lani Kai $35 Snorkel Trip

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$35.95 Afternoon Snorkeling Trip aboard the Lani Kai with Friendly Charters. Choose from Molokini or Coral Gardens. Not valid with any other offers. Coupon compliments of Hawaii Vacation Magazines/Maui Deals.

molokini or coral gardens snorkel trip

Riding the waves on the Lani Kai.

The Lani Kai is a classy 53’ foot double deck power catamaran which carries up to 59 passengers in comfort and style. Enjoy the freedom of snorkeling with a smaller group! The Lani Kai provides the spacious feeling of the larger boats, while carrying half the passenger load, and still you have the amenities of a comfortable good size boat:  a large shaded cabin, seating for everyone inside, outside and on the bridge, the custom snorkel stairway makes it easy to get in and out of the water, wide spacious swim steps at water level, 2 fresh water showers, 2 heads (toilets), 2 sunning trampolines and a waterslide!  Lani Kai’s superior speed does not only take you to Molokini fast, it also rides on top of the waves when the water is rough and provides a comfortable and stable cruise. But the best of all is the wonderful experienced crew, the senior captain Marc has driven boats out of Ma’alaea Harbor for 20 years and has been captain on the Lani Kai since 1998.  If you are an experienced snorkeler, they let you follow your own path in the water within sight distance, they help beginners with all their needs until they feel safe and even if you can’t swim, you can learn to snorkel.

The Snorkeling spots.

Molokini is a sunken volcanic crater located between Maui and Kahoolawe. There are several reasons why people are so excited about snorkeling there: The visibility is 100-150 feet and the water is an unbelievable purple blue in the deeper areas of the crater. You can see all kinds of colorful fish like Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, or strange looking ones like needle fish or puffer fish and sometimes bigger ones like the harmless reef shark or white tip shark. You can also see the beautiful red pencil urchin, the black-blue sea urchins and the corals. Turtle Town is the nickname for all the spots along the Makena or Wailea coast, or depending on the weather the Pali coast next to Highway 30. Here, the big turtles are hiding in caves or under rocks and they also just sit in the sand on the bottom. Coral Gardens is the beautiful alternate snorkeling spot, where they go when it is too windy to go to Molokini, it is along the Pali Coast near the tunnel on the road between Ma’alaea and Lahaina. Here, the coral is abundant, you snorkel through valleys and mountains of beautiful healthy coral, following colorful fish and sometimes turtles. Check out their tours online at or call them 808-244-1979.

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