Aqua Adventures Save $20

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Save $20 per couple on our snorkel trip by calling Aqua Adventures direct 866-472-2782. Compliments of Maui Magazines/Maui Deals.

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The Aqua Adventure

The Aqua Adventure is a 2003 model twin engine high speed vessel powered by two 350 horse Cummins diesels that push her along at 22 knots. They use a mix of Eco-friendly bio-diesel to help cut down on pesky fumes, as well as helping the environment. There is an upper sun deck, a lower shaded deck, as well as a walk around cabin that gives you access to the bow. That bow area comes in handy for those close encounters with the local residents – the Hawaiian Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins. There is also plenty of seating – they are certified to carry 49 passengers but take no more than 40 to insure more than enough room for everyone. The swim-step area is as user friendly as it gets, with two stair-like ladders for easy access in and out of the water, and there’s also two fresh water showers to rinse the salt off after you’re done playing in the water for the day. The bar area is well suited for serving breakfast and lunch as well as that cold beer or Mai-Tai for the ride back home.

What is SNUBA?

Snuba is a patented system connecting you and your dive companion to an inflatable raft, which follows you along the surface supporting your air tank. Snuba Diving allows you to go beyond snorkeling and dive to a depth of 10 feet and is a thrill your entire family can enjoy together. It is probably the simplest, most fun introduction to the thrills of scuba diving there is. All it takes is a short 15 minute lesson and away you go exploring Maui’s underwater world. No prior experience is required, the only stipulations are that you have to be at least 8 years old and in good health, other than that, it’s a go. Once you get to your destination your instructor will show you how to use your equipment, and go over some essential safety points, then it’s into the water! For more information call 808-573-2105 or check them out online at

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