Captain Steve’s Rafting Save $100

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Captain Steve’s “Whale of a Package”. Buy a 10 pack whale watching and save $10 per trip. Valid on ALL trips daily. Must pre-purchase. Valid 2014-15 & 2015-16 whale watch trips. Coupon compliments of Maui Magazine/Maui Deals.


Will I See Whales?

The most recognized visitors to Hawaii each and every year are the North Pacific humpback whales. While not every animal in the population visits Maui County, there are many days when you might think this is the case. It is widely accepted throughout the cetacean research community that the Au’au Channel (Coastal Maui and Lanai) receives the second largest concentration of humpbacks during the winter months. The largest concentration is located just off the coast of Molokai, which is also in Maui County and within the range of Captain Steve’s rafts. They have four trips per day: Early Bird, Morning Whale Watch, Afternoon Whale Watch and Late Bird. They also have a “Whale Of A Package” for the avid whale watcher, which includes 10 trips at a discount rate!

Why Captain Steve’s?

Canefire I and Canefire II, Captain Steve’s two hard-bottom inflatable vessels, can get you there faster than all the rest. Each craft is a rigid-hulled inflatable, originally designed for Search & Rescue by the U.S. Coast Guard. The vessels are powered by computerized smokeless engines, twin 200s on Canefire I and twin 250s on Canefire II, which meet the new EPA standards. They are U.S. Coast Guard certified for 24 passengers (Canefire I) and 37 passengers (Canefire II), plus the captain and crew. However, they generally limit them to 20 passengers for Canefire I and 30 passengers for the Canefire II for comfort. Bench seating with backrests and pontoon seating are both available, and 50% of the boat is shaded. The seating is diverse, from the smooth “Mercedes” seats in the stern, to the more exciting “Dolphin Seat” in the bow. Many also prefer the pontoon seating so that they can be closer to the water. Captain Steve’s has all the latest safety requirements: V.H.F radios and a class A EPIRB system that identifies them in an emergency. With these vessels, getting to the destination is half the adventure! Check them out at, or by calling 808-667-5565.

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