Discount Gift Certificates

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Maui Gift Certificates
As publishers of Maui Magazine, Maui’s Favorites, Maui Driving Magazine, and the Maui Whale Watch Magazine, we sometimes receive gift certificates from various restaurants and activities on the island. These are limited, and usually in denominations of  $10 and $20 (but sometimes lower and higher amounts). The gift certificates we have will change frequently, based upon what sells out, but if you would like a list of what’s available, email us at “info at”, (please use the @ sign, not the word at – we have to write it this way to avoid spam!). We’ll send you back a list of gift certificates that we have available. Note that you can’t combine other deals or offers with gift certificates, or use them for the tip. They don’t have an expiration date on them, but we suggest buying them when you’re here or coming soon, as we can’t give refunds if the company goes out of business (though we do stand behind the gift certificates if you have any problem ever redeeming them). Again, these are limited, and we can’t publish the names of the restaurants and activities on the web, as we’ve promised our advertising clients we won’t do that.