Gypsy Guide Haleakala $3.99 Voice Guided Tour

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guided tour haleakala

What’s a GyPSy Guide?

GyPSy Guide is your perfect tour guide, playing commentary AUTOMATICALLY as you drive, sharing interesting and entertaining stories about the things you are seeing and the places you are visiting. It’s an incredible journey available in very few places on earth, where you can drive from sea level to 10,000 feet in just a couple of hours. A trip to the summit of Maui’s biggest volcano is a must for any visitor to Maui! Many people visit the summit to watch the sunrise, but it’s a spectacular place to go at any time of day. Just be prepared for the temperature to be 40F or more degrees cooler than down at the beaches. This tour has 90+ Commentary Points!! Just click on the link below to check out the app for your iPhone or iPad. Click Here To Purchase from the App Store, or visit their website for more information.

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