Halfway to Hana $1.00 Off Banana Bread

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Save $1.00 on Our Famous Fresh Baked Banana Bread. Coupon compliments of Hawaii Vacation Magazines/Maui Deals.

Banana Bread

 Now you’re “Halfway to Hana”

For over 30 years, Halfway to Hana has been a scheduled stop on the Road to Hana for visitors and residents alike. Owners, Doug and Nita Chong have created a tropical oasis on farmland that has been in the Chong family for over 150 years. It started as a simple lean-to on the side of the road selling shave ice and has grown into a north shore favorite for snacks, refreshments, friendly directions and other services including an ATM. For many years, the only pay phone in the area was at Halfway to Hana. The property includes an authentic thatched roof “Hale” where you can relax in the shade and enjoy a great lunch or cold drink. Doug and Nita invite you to stop in at Halfway to Hana because you haven’t experienced the Road to Hana unless you’ve made it at least halfway.

They are located on the beautiful road to Hana just past mile marker 17 in Keanae. Shortly past mile marker “17” you will see the “HALFWAY TO HANA” sign on your right. You’ll probably have been traveling for about two hours by this time, so it might be a good time to stop for a treat! This in-between stop is perfect because it takes another 1 to 2 hours to get to Hana.

Time for a treat!

Their home-made “Banana Bread” has a taste that you won’t soon forget. It’s made fresh daily and has been since 1983 and it’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious. They also have mouth-watering shave ice with thirteen tropical flavors to choose from, and you can add ice cream to make this treat even more delightful. Aunty Pearl’s “coconut candy” is a must to eat now or take home to a special friend or co-worker – made with fresh coconut, tossed in raw brown sugar, and toasted to a light brown glaze, it’s out of this world yummy! Or try Halfway to Hana’s very own Beef Jerky – you haven’t tasted beef jerky like this, made with their own secret spices and a lot of love. They also offer a selection of freshly made sandwiches, hot dogs, cheese burgers, fresh fruit (pineapple, bananas, coconuts, passion fruits, and more), cameras and batteries (for those of you who left these items in your hotel room), chips, drinks and also an ATM for your convenience. For questions you can call them 808-248-7037. Take a look at their website for more information HalfwayToHana.com.

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