The Maui Touring Co.

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Why The Maui Touring Company?


When planning your Maui adventure it can often feel as stressful as the everyday life you’re vacationing from. Just hiring a car can provide insurmountable headaches and problems; which company to choose? What make and model? Do we need 4×4? Is the trunk big enough for the cooler AND the diaper bag? Does it have GPS? How do we know where to go? Do we really want to drive all that way?… Maui Touring Company has the solution to your problems.

With Maui Touring Company you can have a real vacation that is free of the stresses and strains and allows you to actually relax and take it all in. No more arguments about who wanted to see what and who was going to drive you there. Maui Touring Company ensures that you will experience all that Maui has to offer without having to lift a finger. Their several exquisite tours all being at the same place – on your doorstep! That’s right. Maui Touring Company will drive their New Cadillac Escalade Luxury Edition right to you and then whisk you away for a day of private, pampered Maui-goodness.

Maui Touring Company offer many different and exciting tours at great prices and all with exciting stops and specialized delights. The most popular tour on offer is the Hana Tour. We can all understand why. There is often a sense of trepidation and anxiety about taking on the famous road and, as beautiful as it is, there is a reason why they have “I survived the Road to Hana” shirts. Maui Touring Company will not only ensure your safety (ALL of their drivers are fully qualified and each vehicle is equipped to handle every emergency) but will also allow you indulge in blissful extravagance along the way. The tour includes breakfast in Paia on the North Shore, lunch at the five-star Hotel Travaasa, local snacks and drinks, a wine tasting session and stop offs at all the best beaches, waterfalls and vistas that exist. All of this and all you have to do is enjoy it at your own leisurely pace!

Don’t take an ibuprofen for your planning headache, take your trips with Maui Touring Company! Check them out online at, or give them a call at (808)214-5804.