Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

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Ululani’s is offering you one (1) FREE add-on per shave ice. And it’s good for up to two (2) people! Coupon compliments of Hawaii Vacation Magazines/Maui Deals.

 What is shave ice?

Shave ice was brought to Hawaii by the thousands of Japanese who migrated here to work in the sugar cane plantations and pineapple fields. The workers would take a block of ice and shave it as if to plane a block of wood (or using a machete), then pour different flavored juices or syrups on it. They enjoyed it as a refreshing break in the hot, tropical climate. In those days shave ice was sold only on Sundays, the only day off the plantation workers received. Before long the popularity of shave ice grew and soon it went commercial, becoming available in local grocery stores. The popularity has grown and continues to grow and now shave ice is considered a national treat! Ululani’s is by far the best shave ice on Maui and very available too, they have three locations in Lahaina, one in Kihei, one in Wailuku, and one in Kahului, so you are close to a location at all times! Check them out online at UlulanisHawaiianShaveIce.com

What’s so special?

Ululani’s perfected special recipes for all of their syrups, using 100% pure cane sugar, premium purees, natural fruit juices and extracts, carefully selected concentrates, and local ingredients. From the filtered water to the premium Roselani’s Ice Cream to the homemade mochi and azuki add-ons, every detail of the shave ice has been to provide the BEST tasting shave ice possible!  At Ululani’s, you have a choice of three sizes: micro (just right for the kiddies), small and large. The flavors are almost unlimited and so many combinations! You can add ice cream (coconut, Mac nut or vanilla), or azuki beans and they load up the shave ice with their homemade juice. They even have sugar free options. Delicious! Check them out!